The Mantis Sport Treatment Plinth

When working on the spine it is essential that the patient is supported correctly; the Mantis Sport places the patient’s spine in a state of mild traction and neutral muscular loading, this is both relaxing for the patient and also promotes the best results.


The main plinth top is angled such that the patient's chest is supported on a horizontal plane while the hips and legs are inclined towards the floor, this puts the lower spine into gentle traction.


The patient's head is cupped in the headrest such that it lies prone and normal to the spine. A leaf spring supports the headrest and is provided with adjusters that enable the head height and angle to be adjusted, this allows the patient's neck to be set in gentle traction. The centre of the headrest is cut away so that the forehead and cheeks support the weight of the head, but the open area enables the patient to breath freely with their head in the prone position.


The plinth top is narrower at the front enabling the therapist to stand close in to the patient in a comfortable working position, the patient's arms drop vertically to the elbow with their forearms resting forwards on the arm rests, again this promotes neutral muscle loading while keeping the patient's arms clear of the therapist.


The frame and legs of the plinth are designed to allow free movement of the therapist's feet under the working area.


The Mantis Sport is provided with telescopic legs that allow the bench height to be adjusted to suit different sizes of patient and therapists.


The Mantis Sport plinth has been designed for easy transport and storage, its weight has been kept to a minimum, the front and rear legs fold away, and the headrest assembly can be removed and re-attached to the plinth base for storage.


Mantis Sport folded for transport or storage

The Mantis Sport treatment plinth/couch is designed to support patients in the optimum position for massage and manipulation of the spine.

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