I have been using the Theraflex unit for a year now. I had previously used the Power Assisted Micro-maniopulator (PAMM1-3) for 10+ years so have a lot of experience with this type of mobilising instrument. Patients find this next generation tool smoother, less noisy and more comfortable than its predecessor. As a therapist I find the design of the handset easier to use as the controls for power and speed are strategically placed in the handset and not the console. This state of the art treatment gets excellent results. The new electric Mantiss plinth is neat, well designed and allows me to change the height very easily. Keep up the good work.

Irene Phillips


BackCare Clinic


This is Manos from Greece.....The news from Crete about Theraflex are really interesting... With every person that me and Zac have used we had excellent results. I was really amazed after using it on a stroke patient and a Motor Neurone Disease patient.

1/ I ve been treating the stroke patient for quite a long time and one of main problems was to relax the unaffected side because he was overusing it and he wouldn't allow his affected side to improve. Addittionally, he had icreased sensitivity on the whole affected side. He tolerated the Theraflex very well, even in a faster speed and it resulted in a great relaxation of his unaffected side. The results were obvious shortly after the end of the session by the way that he was sitting on the wheelchair.. The next day I carried on with my neuro treatment and the difference was remarkable..He was able to transfer his weight onto the affected side and also during walking the compensation of the unaffected side was reduced and thus he was able to walk with safety and efficiency... He was also very amazed...

2/ The second patient that I ve used on was an MND patient with severe pain on both shoulders, very stiff spine and most importantly with balance and mobility problems. After using it he stated that he was feeling numb,but when I ve talked to his wife the next day she told me that her husband was feeling great, his mobility was so much better and that she wished that he have had this treatment earlier in the past. This gentleman is coming back to the UK today and he would be really interested to carry on with this treatment...So do you know any physios or private clinics that have the theraflex device so we can refer him to??? I was 100% sure that this gentleman will benefit from the theraflex treatment so that I tried to convince him to stay in Crete........ but he has to come back .



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