EPVM1 Vertebral Mobiliser

The Theraflex EPVM 1 Vertebral Mobiliser is the first self-contained physiotherapy equipment that enables the discrete movement and mobilisation of individual segments of the spine and also provides a range of higher speed modes that can be used to stimulate muscle responses, or for general massage.




Previous designs of this equipment have been limited by the supply of compressed air to the equipment, which has required operators to either install remote compressed air systems, or use fridge type compressors that do not supply the air volume required for continuous use.

The EPVM 1 has a bespoke silenced built-in compressor that supplies the correct volume of air continuously and therefore because it does not incorporate an air receiver it is not subject to the same limitations and safety procedures associated with most compressed air systems.


The equipment comprises of a wheeled base unit, that houses the SCU, (silenced compressor unit), a control housing which is supported above the main enclosure utilising the same side panel sections and a handset which is connected to the base unit by an umbilical hose.

The face of the control housing is inclined such that the operator has a clear view of the display, it also incorporates the main controls and a storage position for the handset when it is not in use.


The handset itself is designed to be held in the palm of the hand, it is provided with two coaxial control assemblies at either end that allow the operator to stop and start the handset and adjust the speed and pressure.

The treatment is delivered by the handset using four reciprocating feet that work in diagonal pairs, the feet are not mechanically linked and their movement is fully independent subject to their individual loading.


The unit is mains powered via a detachable power cable and a standard IEC 32 power entry connector, it is rated for continuous use and does not require any pre of post use conditioning.



This unit is available in European and American versions

Theraflex EPVM1 Vertebral Mobiliser
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The advanced electro-pneumatics that control the EPVM1

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